It’s not too late! (#nonètroppotardi)

I presented my candidacy for mayor of Trieste and on March 6th I ask you to vote for me at the mayoral primaries.

In Italy the primaries are an instrument that gives citizens the possibility to choose the candidates of a political party or a coalition.

In Trieste, the voting will take placed on March 6th. ALL citizens will be able to express their preference, even those not affiliated with the Democratic Party, youth aged 16 and above and foreign citizens with a stay permit. In the coming days we will indicate the voting procedures (place and time).

#nonètroppotardi to make a positive change in Trieste.

To change course, change people, change the politics, making way for the youth (and for those who have new ideas), giving back the voice and the confidence to citizens and bringing transparency where decisions are made.

#nonètroppotardi to have the courage to defend and revitalize our city

and its role of regional and small European capital.

#nonètroppotardi for Trieste Metropolitan City

A project that over 5.000 people from Trieste subscribed to and that can bring about 50 million euros of European funds to be invested in subsidized housing, green areas, cleaner and safer streets. In short, to actually improve the daily life of citizens.

#nonètroppotardi to transform Porto Vecchio

into the most beautiful area by the Mediterranean Sea, transforming those splendid and abandoned warehouses into innovative spaces for companies, tourism, culture and leisure time, and channeling economic resources to ensure our future and that of our children in the coming decades.

#nonètroppotardi to improve our city

To say no to the degradation of too many neglected areas, to find together ways to make our streets cleaner, in which there is no need to zigzag through potholes with pushchairs and where those who vandalize public properties have to fix them.

#nonètroppotardi to value and to invest in those who work for the municipality

by changing rules and procedures to implement services tailored to citizens, families and companies, and implemented by a civil servant with competence…and a smile!

#nonètroppotardi to value more and better our points of excellence

The scientific research, the coffee, the big enterprises, the Port, the beauty of the sea and of the Karst, the culture, by choosing the best ambassadors to showcase our territory and to make the world fall in love with Trieste.

To keep yourself updated on the activities, please visit

Attend the mayoral primaries on Sunday March 6th and vote for Francesco Russo!